Spark Erosion Project – Spark Erode Angled “T” Slots

Project:         Spark Erode Angled “T” Slots

Industry Sector:      Automotive

Type of Work:         Spark Eroding

Client Requirements:    The client required 12 angled “T” slots to be cut into metal, but they were unable to access the working area to cut the metal and so couldn’t use conventional methods to machine the required “T” slots. As a result, they approached Cheshire Wire Erosion and asked us to complete the work for them. The also requested a quick turnaround for the work to be completed.

The 12 angled “T” slots were produced in line with tapered pre machined bore. As part of this the angular dimension tolerances needed to be tight.

Work Carried Out:   The first part of the process involved manufacturing electrode and electrode holders. The next part of the process was to spark erode the Angled T slots into the metal. Spark erosion also known as Die Sinking EDM was used in this project by vectoring in 3-Axis simultaneously.
Spark erosion is a manufacturing process which enables us to create a desired shape in metal by using electrical discharges. The shapes produced are often intricate. Spark erosion is particularly useful when working with hardened or conductive materials which can be difficult to machine. By using spark erosion, we can create shapes and forms that couldn’t ordinarily be produced using conventional milling or turning.

It is because of our ongoing investment in the very best EDM technology that we are able to complete more challenging and difficult projects like this one. Using EDM we are able to produce parts to the highest quality working with high standards in mind.

All of the work we complete adheres to quality systems therefore ensuring quality and delivery and that applied to this specific project.

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