Reindeer Christmas Decoration

Project Name:
Reindeer Christmas Decoration

Industry Sectors:
Reindeer Christmas Decoration

Type of Work:
2 EDM Technologies – Wire EDM (WEDM) and Small Hole EDM Drilling.

Client Requirement:
It’s that time of the year when everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit and many companies put together stunning festive displays and decorations. We were recently approached by a client and asked if we could produce a reindeer decoration profile from mirrored polished stainless steel. Using wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM), we were able to wire erode the shape of a reindeer. Prior to the WEDM process, two EDM drilled holes were required.

Work Carried Out:
Sodick’s K1C small hole drilling machine was used for the initial process of production, where two small diameter holes were machined. A Sodick AG600L machine was next used to wire erode the reindeer profile. Using a smaller diameter wire (Ø 0.25 mm) allows a more precise and intricate profile to be produced. The beautiful shape of the silhouette created the appearance of the reindeer flying in mid-air, as you can see from the photographs included.

Cheshire Wire Erosion can produce bespoke pieces to the requirements set by our clients. This recent project illustrates the diverse nature and use of what we can produce using WEDM and EDM.

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