About us – customer service

A key feature of any business is the ability of its staff to work closely with their customers. Over the years we have given advice, shared our technical knowledge, provided support and offered solutions both to prospective and long-established customers.

Good communication with our valued customers is paramount to our success and achieving customer satisfaction. Good communication enables us to maintain good relations with our customers. Listening to each customers individual needs, gives a more personal touch. The knowledge, experience, opinion and honesty we convey, secures the trust and confidence of our customers. While we have worked with customers in a range of different scenarios, we have the ability to be flexible, meeting the demands of our customers ever changing requirements.

We understand that during the time we have been trading, industries have changed, and technology has developed, so Cheshire Wire Erosion is here to support the changing needs of our customers. Our staff have the technical expertise and experience to provide answers to technical questions such as questions about costing and delivery that you may have as well as any other queries.

We will always endeavour to give a prompt response and pride ourselves on same day enquiry request replies. Please complete the enquiry form or contact us by e-mail or telephone.

Customer service - Cheshire Wire Erosion Ltd

Our values

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