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At Cheshire Wire Erosion, we strive to ensure that we are using the very latest state of the art machinery and so we are continually acquiring the most up to date technology in the field of Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM). We operate in a clean, professional facility, housing cutting edge machine tools.

It’s our ongoing investment in the latest technology that has been a contributing factor to our continued success and longevity. We intend to continue to invest in new technology in order to remain an industry leading EDM specialist.

We constantly monitor our processes and procedures to ensure the consistent quality and craftsmanship of our work, reassuring our customers of the best quality machined parts in surface finish and precision, helping them to meet ever critical production schedules.

While we recognise the importance of using the very best machinery, we also understand that this in turn needs to be operated by highly skilled professional engineers and so we employ some of the most experienced sub-contract EDM technicians in the country to operate our machinery. Some of our current staff have well over 30 years’ experience and started with Cheshire Precision Shapes Ltd who were an early sub-contractor in EDM. They then moved over to Cheshire Wire Erosion. Our team has over 100 years combined experience and has the knowledge to handle large and heavy work pieces as well as tiny pieces requiring adherence to intricate details.

While we are undoubtedly experienced in the precision machining of a large and diverse variety of components that are manufactured from a range of exotic and non-exotic materials in a huge number of varied applications, we have also become competent in tackling any job large or small. We can fulfil large repeat orders or one-off pieces. Due to our many years of experience, it’s rare to receive a request to solve a machining problem we have not encountered before. Whether it’s a complex or a simple component to cut, we will have the solution. We are experienced in working with very expensive materials where there is no room for error!

The combined knowledge and experience of our technicians along with assurance and competence and working with all types of materials as well as the readiness to provide a quality service, conveys reassurance and confidence to our customers. Ongoing feedback from these customers has made us focus on all their requirements.

We operate 7 days a week and due to the number of machines we have, there are 15 at present, there is the flexibility to meet or better demanding delivery times and accommodate our customers budget to do the work for the right price. We monitor our delivery performance to ensure we meet client requirements and are adhering to the strict high-quality parameters that we have set ourselves. We understand that in an ever-changing world, customer requirements are also forever changing, so we try our utmost to tailor our services to their needs and exceed their expectations.

Cheshire Wire Erosion Ltd

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