Spark Erosion Project – Scientific Fluid Flow EDM Drill, Spark Wire Eroding

Project Name:    Flow Control Tooling

Type of Work:   Scientific Fluid Flow EDM Drill, Spark Wire Eroding

Client Requirements:  An EDM Drill was required to create wire feed holes, (in hole-drilling EDM a hollow, tubular electrode is used to create holes in a workpiece.  With this process start holes can be made that are used during wire EDM that function as feed-through holes to cut contours).  Hole drilling EDM is ideally suited for supplying holes for liquids/fluids as was the case in this project.

In addition Cheshire Wire Erosion used spark eroding to create tapered circular slots and wire eroding for radial slots and wire erode through the bottom of sparked slots.  The client stipulated that we produce a good surface finish and we had a 7 day lead time.

Work Carried Out:   For this project Cheshire Wire Erosion manufactured tapered circular electrodes and spark eroded tapered slots achieving surface finishes of better than 0.5 Ra (roughness average).  This example illustrates how Cheshire Wire Erosion can achieve precise and consistent results in surface finish.  Initially EDM drill start holes were created prior to eroding radial through slots.

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