Sub-Sea Rack Piston

Project Name
Sub-Sea Rack Piston – Hydraulic and Pneumatic Power and Motion Control

Industry Sector

Type of Work
Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) (WEDM)

Client Requirement
This project involved batch production.  We had to wire erode involute, 7 tooth rack piston. Tolerance of tooth depth to outer diameter +/- 0.02 µm.  Parallel within 0.05 µm. Perpendicular tolerance 0.03 µm.

Work Carried Out
Premium Sodick AG600L machines were used to produce 150 off rack pistons. State-of-the-art LP2WH, industry 4.0 technology enabled these tight tolerances to be met accurately and efficiently. Ø 0.3 mm wire produced high precision components and shortened manufacturing lead times.

After all electrical discharge processes were complete, the surface roughness of the components was further improved using a media blasting process, with our own UK manufactured Guyson blast machine that we have invested in. This machine uses compressed air to propel blast abrasives directly at the component through a blast gun.  As with this project, by increasing the surface roughness, the fatigue life of the components is reduced.  To find out what they looked like, see the photographs included.

At Cheshire Wire Erosion we have the technology to meet the continuous demands of our clients for a high level of efficiency and reliability in the parts that we produce.  As with this project we provide shortened manufacturing lead times, meaning we can meet exacting deadlines no matter how challenging a project might be.

Because of our ongoing investment in a diverse range of technology and machinery, we have all the equipment needed to carry out a project from start to finish.

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