About us – delivery

Cheshire Wire Erosion repeatedly delivers on time. This is because we pride ourselves on giving honest deadlines which are realistically achievable. We understand that there’s no point setting a deadline that can’t be met leading to disappointment and frustration for our customers. We want our customers to return time after time, so honesty will always be our policy!

That said, with the technology we have at our disposal and the machinery we have invested in, we have a proven track record for our speed of manufacturing and delivery of service. We have the capacity to produce a large number of pieces within a tighter deadline.

Using spark erosion we can often machine hardened or difficult to machine conductive materials into shapes and forms that can’t be achieved with conventional milling or turning, meaning that having state of the art machinery can produce a quick turnaround for our customers .Our goal is to achieve or better the date we set.

We realise that time is money. If parts require an extra quick turnaround time, we have the workforce and technical capacity, to respond and push urgent jobs through.

We have many years in Sub-Contract EDM and will do our utmost to meet your requirements.

Cheshire Wire Erosion - about us

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