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Our key objective at Cheshire Wire Erosion is to achieve the highest levels of quality by putting into place quality control within our business management system accreditation ISO 9001-2008. The fact that all our work is ISO 9001 -2008 accredited ensures the maximum level of working practices and safety standards are achieved. Later this year we are to be audited for AS9100 Aerospace Standard Accreditation.

We aim to maintain high levels of accuracy, speed and versatility of machining in order to provide quality components for our customers.

We recognise that an integral part of our business and ensuring the highest quality of what we produce, can only be achieved through investing in the very best technology within EDM machining. Our commitment to delivering quality engineered products is built on our continual investment in the latest equipment. It’s for this reason that over the last 3 years we have invested over 400k on 3 new machine tools. These new additions to our workshop benefit from the latest generation of power supply. The advantage of this is that the average energy consumption is reduced making them highly efficient, while still capable of high cutting speeds, better surface finishes with fewer cuts, and as always higher precision.

We use a range of machinery produced by Sodick who are a world leading manufacturer of all EDM machinery. Sodick have achieved exceptional levels of precision and efficiency which in turn our customers benefit from with the components we produce.

Our Linear Motor driven EDM machines eliminate the need for ball screws that diminish over time, with the associated disadvantages incorporated such as wear, backlash and therefore deterioration of accuracy.

Every project we undertake follows a strict process. Quality begins at the very start of this. To begin with any potential problem areas can be highlighted through job planning and during process sampling consistency can be checked. Then during the final inspection, quality can be reviewed. All of this is done to ensure that every criterion has been achieved. Safe packing ready for despatch completes the process.

We can provide you with engineered solutions from prototype to production, all at the quality you would expect from a company with the expertise and experience we have.

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Sodick AG600L Linear EDM Machine

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