Laminated Shim Head Gaskets

Project Name:
0.05mm (50 µm) Laminated Shim Head Gaskets

Industry Sectors:

Type of Work:
Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM): Wire Erosion (WEDM), Sub-contract Wire Erosion, Sub-contract EDM Fast Hole Drilling.

Client Requirement:
Our client wanted us to wire erode a range of different gaskets from 1.5mm laminated stainless steel 302 – 0.05mm laminates.

Work Carried Out:
In order to produce the head gasket components that were required by our client, we used two electrical discharge machining processes – wire electrical discharge machining and EDM fast hole drilling.  Using a combination of these two processes allows us to machine accurately and efficiently.  This in turn reduces customer lead times whilst maintaining high precision.

Using a Sodick K1CN fast hole drilling machine, various start holes were produced.  Having in our workshop this type of machine enables us to not only drill holes in hardened conductive materials, but also drill radially on curved surfaces.

The next part of the process was to produce the components required from the laminated steel using our very latest Sodick VL600Q wire electrical discharge machine tool.  The start holes allow the WEDM process to be completed unmanned using the Sodick’s AWT technology.

From our visit to the MACH exhibition earlier this year, Cheshire Wire Erosion has invested in two Bowers XT Holematic Internal bore micrometres. This state-of-the-art technology allowed the engineers to accurately measure the internal diameters within a micron.

Using the range of different cutting-edge technology that we have in our workshop means we can produce complex components.  Each machine that we have invested in enables us to be able to use a range of different processes depending on what our clients need us to manufacture.  In practical terms for our client in this project it meant that we were able to manufacture gaskets with a quality finish and to their exacting requirements.

Similar components of varying dimensions have also been produced.

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