Trim & Form and Reconditioning Die Assemblies

Project Name: Trim & Form and Reconditioning Die Assemblies

Industry Sector:
Electronics – Microelectronic Components

Client Requirement:
Our client asked us to manufacture various die assemblies with a machining tolerance of +/- 0.05mm to generate a surface roughness below 2 Ra (µm).

Type of Work:
The first part of the process was to produce numerous start holes. We used our Sodick K1CN, EDM fast hole drilling machine to drill the start holes into austenitic stainless-steel blocks. This CNC fast hole drilling machine allows all the necessary start holes to be machined unmanned, reducing machining and lead time, meaning we can produce complex parts within tight deadlines.

For the next part of the process, we used our newest Sodick VL600Q wire electrical discharge machine, which we have recently acquired. With this we were able to produce the components from the predrilled steel. Sodick’s four cut technology easily achieved the specified dimensions and achieved a surface roughness of 1.12 Ra (µm). This will increase the components strength against wear.

Using a Sodick AD55L die sinker the specified 10-24 UNC and ¼ 20 UNC tapped holes were machined to depth. You can see the components that we produced in the photographs attached.

Our client was very pleased with the parts produced as well as the timescales they were produced in.

Due to our ongoing investment, we have a comprehensive range of EDM and WEDM technology in our workshop. With our latest acquisition the Sodick VL600Q we are able to produce the highest level of accuracy, speed and versatility of machining in order to provide the highest quality products.

As with this project we have the versatility to use any one, or several of them at each stage of the process, to machine precision parts.

The technology that we have means we can produce cost effective pieces with accuracy. We can cut complex shapes even in tough materials.

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