Brush Arm – Brass CZ121

Project Name:
Brush Arm – Brass CZ121

Industry Sectors:
Electrical Components

Type of Work:
Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM): Wire Erosion (WEDM), Sub-contract Wire Erosion, Sub-contract EDM Fast Hole Drilling

Client Requirement:
Our client required some brass CZ121 brush arm components, which we had the capability to produce using two EDM manufacturing processes – WEDM (wire electrical discharge machining) and fast hole drilling.

Work Carried Out:
Initially we used a Sodick K1CN, EDM fast hole drilling machine to produce 3 precise start holes. This CNC fast hole drilling machine allows all the necessary start holes to be accurately machined unmanned, reducing machining and lead time meaning that we can meet the deadlines set by our clients no matter how tight these might be and how specific their requirements are.

For the next part of the process, our newest Sodick VL600Q wire electrical discharge machine was used to produce the components from the predrilled brass CZ121.

Sodick’s four cut technology easily achieved the critical hole dimensions of Ø 4.0 mm H6. WEDM technology was used to cut the outside profile which includes several geometries. You can see what was produced from the photographs included.

At Cheshire Wire Erosion we have the knowledge and expertise to skilfully use the equipment we have in our workshops to produce a wide range of components including one offs or as was the case with this project, small batches. We can also carry out large repeat orders for multi-national corporations.

It’s because of our ongoing investment in the latest WEDM and EDM machines that we have a range of different manufacturing processes at our disposal and can use one or more of them to complete a project meaning we can adapt to your requirements.

With this project we used our Sodick K1CN, EDM fast hole drilling machine and the Sodick VL600Q wire electrical discharge machine. This demonstrates how we can combine using several pieces of equipment at various stages of a project to create high quality, precision components.

The technology that we have also enables us to process a wide variety of high precision, high finish micro holes and special shaped holes to the size that you require.

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