Precision Wire Cutting – Pastry Cutters

Project Name: Pastry Cutters

Type of Work: Food Industry

Client Requirements:The client asked Cheshire Wire Erosion to wire erode two off cutters from a stainless steel blank. In addition, we were to wire erode a twin aperture cutter holding plate that the cutters were to then be attached to. You can see from the photographs, the original piece of stainless steel that the cutters were wire eroded from, as well as the holding plate that we produced, and the end product when the cutters and holding plate were attached together.

Work Carried Out:
To fulfil this project, we used our Sodick AG600L that we have in our workshop. This is a precision wire cutting machine and features a revolutionary design whereby the work tank retracts fully into the body of the unit allowing easy machining of both large or small work pieces. In this case it was used to wire erode two off cutters from stainless steel and a holding plate.

At Cheshire Wire Erosion we pride ourselves in investing in the latest EDM machinery. This means that we can carry out fast and precise wire erosion. We can deliver precision machined components and complex parts in a variety of metals of different thicknesses and can offer flexible solutions to meet your requirements.

For more information about wire erosion and spark erosion call Cheshire Wire Erosion on 01270 753323.

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