Wire Erosion of 4-Axis profile – Paper Shredder

Project Name:      Paper Shredder (specifically to shred used plastic £5 bank notes)

Industry Sector:    Financial/Business

Type of Work:       Wire Erosion of 4-Axis profile

Client Requirements:
Cheshire Wire Erosion was recently asked to wire erode 9 pointed details, tapering to a plain diameter. This is clearly illustrated in a couple of the photographs provided. As you can see we cut these profiles with tapered sides.

For this kind of project, because it involves 4 axis wire erosion, accuracy and precision are essential. To achieve this we used our AG 600 LH machine which has an X/Y/Z axis travel of 600 x 400 x 500 mm. This piece of advanced EDM technology features linear motor drives on 4 axes to ensure the highest accuracy and reliability.

The wire also called the electrode that the machine produces, can be inclined, making it possible to create components with differing profiles or as was the case with this project, to create components with taper.

Work Carried Out: 
For this project, Cheshire Wire Erosion created 9 pointed detail tapering that were flush to the side and tapered down to create grooves in the sides of the component. Our wire erosion machines allow us to machine profiles through parts, such as with this project, where the length was 465mm.

At Cheshire Wire Erosion we have a range of the most up to date machines for electrical discharge machining (EDM) that are capable of delivering engineering solutions to many industrial sectors.

The EDM method enables us to produce slots, holes and other complex shapes in hard materials to a close tolerance. Conventional cutting processes would find this difficult.

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