Wire Erosion – Heat Sink Prototype

Project Name: Wire Erosion – Heat Sink Prototype

Industry Sector: Electronics

Type of Work: Wire Erosion

Client Requirements:
Cheshire Wire Erosion was recently approached by a new client who was a subcontractor. They urgently required an aluminium 6082 Heat Sink prototype. While it needed to be engineered within 2-3 days, it also had to be at the right price for our client.

The subcontractor had previously contacted other wire eroders but could not get any of them to supply to such a tight deadline. For Cheshire Wire Erosion the tight deadline was not an issue as we a have the technology needed to meet this kind of deadline.

Work Carried Out:
Aluminium is the most common material for heat sinks. The metal is lightweight and has relatively good thermal conductivity. To wire erode the aluminium heat sink prototype we used our Sodick AQ900L.

The dimensions of the electronic prototype were 300 x50 x 200mm. Using this kind of technology, we can deliver greater accuracy and a fine surface finish. The Sodick AQ900L is a highly rigid machine which is ideal for machining large sized dies.

You can see the finished product from the photographs included.


Custom designed heatsinks are an indispensable component to the production needs of countless industrial electronics manufacturers today. Many cannot afford to wait weeks to get their customized heatsinks made, so a quick provider of heatsinks is absolutely necessary which is where Cheshire Wire Erosion can help.
At Cheshire Wire Erosion we work closely with our clients to ensure that a heatsink is created to their specifications and that their heat sink is both thermally efficient and cost effective and delivered on time.

For more information about wire erosion ring Cheshire Wire Erosion on 01270 753323.

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