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A reputation built on trust and a dedicated approach to producing quality, tailored solutions are the hallmarks of Cheshire Wire Erosion's work in the field of electrical discharge machining.

Wherever engineering is involved, across a wide variety of industries including:

  • aerospace
  • pharmaceutical
  • petrochemical
  • food
  • motor
  • ceramic
  • and all types of tooling

We offer an expert, knowledgeable service spanning the UK, that is competitively proceed and customer focused.

From modern, purpose-built headquarters in Cheshire the very latest in high-technology machines deliver the highest of standards in:

    Cheshire Wire Erosion Ltd
  • Wire Electrical Discharge Machining
  • RAM
  • Fast Hole Drilling.

Spark Erosion for a Superior Finish

Spark erosion is used in a huge variety of different industries and is a beneficial machining option for a host of different materials. Wire and spark erosion is an extremely precise way of cutting, resizing and reshaping metal. What makes it different to other forms of manipulating materials is that it is a non-contact process which means that it puts far less stress on the said object. Yet another advantage to spark erosion is that it enables the engineer to operate with great accuracy. As you can see this makes spark erosion an intelligent option for anyone who is looking to achieve these results.

Cheshire Wire Erosion for Best Results

Cheshire Wire Erosion has a long history of producing fine quality spark erosion work. All our engineers and operators are qualified and carefully trained to control our technologically advanced spark erosion machines. Spark erosion is very clean and very efficient, allowing us to even make fine precision tools. This means that just some of the metals we can easily work with include: copper, aluminium alloys, titanium, stainless steel and graphite to name just a few. We always work to the highest standard and are happy to guarantee that your product will match the very best quality levels.

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