Spacer and Blank Manufacture

Project Name: Spacer and Blank Manufacture

Industry Sector:
Chemical Mixing

Client Requirement
Our customer wanted us to produce a large quantity of spacers and blanks. To do this we used our sub-contract wire electrical discharge machines. As with all our projects, where possible we try to minimise material waste ensuring what we do keeps the cost down for our customers. We also adhere to lead times producing the pieces required within deadline.

The components have a profile of various radial geometries around the outer profile. The inner diameter has four equip-spaced keyways, all of which have tolerances of 15 µm and below. Similar components of varying dimensions and profiles were also produced.

Type of Work
Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM): Wire Erosion (WEDM), Sub-contract Wire Erosion, Sub-contract EDM Fast Hole Drilling

Work Carried Out
A Sodick K1CN, EDM fast hole drilling machine was used to produce numerous start holes in steel plates of varying thickness. This CNC fast hole drilling machine allows all the necessary start holes to be machined unmanned, this reduces machining and lead time.

Our newest Sodick VL600Q wire electrical discharge machine was used to produce the components from the predrilled steel. One cut technology can achieve the customers desired specification for the outside profile whilst two cut technology is necessary to achieve the 10- and 15-micron tolerance (10 and 15 µm) attributed to the internal diameter and four off keyways.

To achieve a better surface finish over the unmachined faces of the component, our Guyson Euroblast 6 media blasting machine allows this to be achieved.

We were able to provide our customer with a complete component ready for assembly.

Using the various pieces of machinery that we have in our workshop we have the versatility to meet our customers’ requirements and achieve the highest levels of accuracy, speed and versatility of machining. We can offer our customers the very best products of an exceptional quality.

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