Wire Erosion – Drive mechanism

Project Name: Wire Erosion – Drive mechanism

Type of Project: To create a scientific component made from Aluminum

The Industry: Petro Chemical

Client Requirements:
The client asked Cheshire Wire Erosion to machine a large involuted gear ring which had 20 sectors. The involute gear is one of the most commonly used systems for gearing. In an involute gear the profiles of the teeth are involutes of a circle. This particular gear ring was 5.5 metres in diameter once assembled.

Work Carried Out:
A steel plate that was 110mm in thickness was used from which the sectors were cut. Each piece was also wire eroded to create 5off dowel holes and outer profiles x 20. To complete this project our AQ900L Sodick wire machine was used. Having this machine in our workshop means we are able to machine with precision and accuracy. You can see from the photographs the process that was followed, the machine that was used, and the end result.

The client contacted us via a recommendation from another company and so was confident that we could complete the project not just on time but promptly and efficiently and to their key specifications using our AQ900L Sodick wire machine. With the machinery that we have invested in, at Cheshire Wire Erosion we have a proven track record for our speed of manufacturing and delivery of service. We also have a reputation for producing quality components. We also have all the necessary accreditations assuring you that any work carried out will be completed to the highest industry standards.

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