Wire Erosion – Bar Production

Project Name: Wire Erosion – Bar Production

Industry Sector: Subsea

Type of Work: Wire Erosion

Client Requirements:
Our clients needed 5 bars to be wire eroded to a specific diameter from a larger round bar. You can see the large round bar that we started with from the photographs included, as well as the cuts that were wire eroded to produce 5 smaller bars from it.

Our clients asked us to cut these bars because the diameter they needed in the material they wanted was not available at the time. To buy it in the required diameter made it very expensive especially because of the lack of availability.

The material that the round bar was made from was Inconel 625 forged billets. Inconel 625 is a superalloy which is commonly used in the subsea industry because it can withstand high stress and a wide range of temperatures both in and out of water.

Due to the lack of availability, wire eroding the bar was quicker than trying to source some Inconel 625 forged billets to the required diameter. This inevitably meant that our client was able to save both time and money, rather than having to wait for the required material size to become available. It was also more cost effective to have the correct diameter of bar wire eroded rather than having to use an oversized bar. This again was more cost effective as there was less waste especially when using such an expensive material!

Work Carried Out:
Using the Sodick AG600L and Sodick AG600LH we were able to wire erode the more readily available large round Inconel bar into 5 smaller round bars that met the required measurements of our client. Using the AG600LH we were able to extend the capacity to 500mm thick.

Cheshire Wire Erosion are continually investing in industry leading technology. This means that we can wire erode components specifically to our client’s requirements. We always adhere to industry standards and certifications. In this instance, when creating 5 bar subsea components we ensured that they met with subsea certifications.

Many of our clients are working to tight deadlines so we always try to make time scales as short as possible while also looking for ways to help our clients save money by finding cost effective solutions for them.

For more information about wire erosion ring Cheshire Wire Erosion on 01270 753323.

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