Wire Erosion Project – Keyway Wire Eroded into Long Sleeve

Project Name: Keyway Wire Eroded into Long Sleeve

Type of Work: Process Machinery Part

Client Requirements: The client asked if we could wire erode a keyway through a full sleeve length of 465mm. They approached Cheshire Wire Erosion having previously contacted other subcontractors who had struggled to carry out the work due to the large size required.

The additional specifications required us to wire erode the keyway to a tolerance of +/- 0.015mm and with a positional accuracy within 0.010mm. They keyway size was 14.35mm wide and 6.35mm deep.

Work Carried Out: For this project Cheshire Wire Erosion wire eroded the keyway to the above specifications and to the tolerances required on three of the sleeves. To enable us to perform these operations we were able to use our new AG 600 LH machine that we have recently invested in. One of the key advantages of the AG 600 LH machine is that it has a workpiece thickness up to 500mm. As a result, this EDM machine allows us to work accurately and with precision on more complex shapes and sizes, and as with this project, to complete tasks that other companies are unable to. The project was finished in 2 days for the client, who was very pleased with the results.

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